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about daily.otto.photo

My camera work is at otto.kitsinger.com (and related sites).

My camera play is here.

about the photographs

The photographs are taken with a variety of cameras and formats, from a cell phone camera to medium format negatives. (Okay, most of the medium format stuff was taken with a plastic Holga. But still.)

Prints are available of most images. Most images can also be licensed for editorial use, and many are also available for commercial and advertising use. Please contact me for details. (Okay, yes, I said this isn't my work site. But web hosting isn't free.)

a notice

As time goes on, I get better at image preparation for the web, and while I like a great deal of my older photographs, the only web versions I'm happy with are those posted since January 2006. Over time I will replace all of the .jpg files from earlier times, from the horrible 1991 things to the 2005 good-but-too-small ones. If you're interested in a photo with a crummy old jpg, let me know and I'll update it.

Enjoy the site...


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